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Choice selections from the international monthly journal LE SCAT NOIR, where art & literature hit the fan. Over 60 artists and writers from around the world are represented. This deluxe, large format paperback is profusely illustrated in full color. Over 100 pages,  perfect-bound, and printed on  acid-free FSC-certified 80 # stock. Guaranteed good shit for your coffee table.

Drawn from eight editions by the master French absurdist, this compendium is a sublime introduction to the wordplay and black humor that shocked and dazzled Bohemian Paris in the raucous “Banquet Years.” THE ALPHONSE ALLAIS READER includes the celebrated pataphysical text “A Thoroughly Parisian Drama”—a favorite of both André Breton and the Oulipians—as well as stories, plays, an excerpt from his only novel, and the classic exploits of Captain Cap and Francisque Sarcey. The translator, Doug Skinner, has added copious notes and an illuminating introduction. Step into the funhouse! Laughs and surprises await!





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