Black Scat Books is the only concern of its kind in America. It was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012. We are a small, independent press dedicated to publishing sublime art & literature—absurdism, ‘pataphysics, erotic fiction and works in translation. Our titles are designed to disrupt, disorient, and smash boundaries—academic, cultural, literary, and philosophical. To avoid the waste of unsold stock and returns, Black Scat's books are made to order. Our distinctive trade paperback editions are available worldwide on Amazon. _________________________________________ Black Scat Books survives thanks to the support of loyal readers, contributors, and angels who cherish independent publishing. The angels listed below generously donated to our fundraising drives and we salute them all! 
Nathalie M. Andrews, Alain Arias-Misson, Mark Axelrod, Allan Bealy, Pippa Bear, Tom Bowden, Yolande Brener, Paulo Brito, Suzanne Burns, Miggs Burroughs, Tom Bussmann, Keith Carmona, Larry Deck, S. C. Delaney, Debra Di Blasi, Thomas La Farge, Larry Fondation, Ryan Forsythe, Jamie Tolbert Franklin, Peter Gambaccini, Eckhard Gerdes, William Lloyd Gibson, Stephen Gutierrez, James Hardy, Emily Hayes, Pamala Heffner, Buddy Hernandez, Charles Holdefer, Michele Jeanette, Teri Lee Kline, Andy Koopmans, Rick Krieger, James Langdell, Barbara LaPlaca-Hardy, Lawrence M LaPlaca, Terri Lloyd, Harry McCullagh, James McMenamin, David Macpherson, Monika Mori, Grace Murray, Sean O’Keefe, L T O’Rourke, Nhut Pham, Frank Pulaski, Doug Rice, Shane Roeschlein, Jason E. Rolfe, Brian Sampley, Maria Schurr, Merceana Pedro e Silva, Nile Southern, Delecia Sydnor, Stephen F. Trull Jr., Katherine Turner, Greg A Wallace, Dominic Ward, wares4art, Jeff Weddle, Tom Whalen, Tara Whitehead, Carla M. Wilson, Rebecca Woolston.

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