An Erotical Novel Stephanie Gatos 
Sexy Beulah Montezuma is having a hard time satisfying her hubby. But Beulah is not a quitter.

“...these anthologies are fresh evidence that women have mastered the art of serious erotic fiction."
—Linda Hayes-Madison


Three volumes in our popular New Urge Reader series feature provocative voices from around the world — short fiction guaranteed to surprise, seduce and subvert the status quo..


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New Urge Editions
Tom Bussmann Theodore Dreiser meets the Marquis de Sade (and several other pornographic writers) in this new novel. SACRED SINS
John Diamond-Nigh Seductive short stories and fables in a new genre of intellectual erotica.
Catherine D'Avis Fans of the work of Anaïs Nin and Marguerite Duras will relish this new collection of twelve short stories.

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