MISSING MYSTERIES: A Pictorial History of Nonexistent Mysteries
by Derek Pell


"Derek Pell is quite mad, in rather a brilliant way." —Lawrence Block


“Pell’s satire doesn’t lack for sharp edges. His twisted humor is sure to appeal to crime-fiction lovers.” —J. Kingston Pierce, THE RAP SHEET


A deluxe volume packed with pulp, crimes, dicks, dames, thugs, puns, gumshoes and stoolies! Loaded with laughs, maps, gaffs, noir, conundrums, puzzles & quizzes. 196 pages crammed with over 100 rare full-color cover reproductions, plus excerpts, reviews, blurbs & synopses. Compiled by the author of Naked Lunch at Tiffany's



Large trade paperback edition, Full Color,  196 pp.