Seeking erotic fiction for a third volume in the popular NEW URGE READER series.


We’re looking for women writers with a fresh vision. We want to be surprised, seduced, hypnotized, transported, or transformed by your words. Think surrealism, noir, feminist erotica, speculative texts, dream diaries—explorations that transcend genre.


LENGTH: 500 – 10,000 words

RIGHTS: First Rights


PAYMENT: A copy of the paperback



Manuscripts  should  be submitted as attachments in Word or PDF format. Send to newurge (at) iCloud (dot) com.  Please include the word “anthology” in the subject line and make sure your name and email address are included in the manuscript.


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A free monthly journal— the only publication of its kind in America. Open to inspired divertissements, doodles, whimsical art, scatological news, topical gibberish, translations, fiction, absurdist texts, poetry & Noir. GOLDEN RULE:  READ AN ISSUE BEFORE SUBMITTING.


#226 (August 2017) "Chat Noir Days of August."  (Anything goes.) 
DEADLINE: July 15th.


#227 (Sept. 2017) "Cryptlipo." The theme is the product  of the editor’s impenetrable (and/or constrained) imagination. Thus, use your own imagination and submit covert texts, stories with hidden meanings,  or texts composed under one or more Oulipian constraints. (Avoid the overdone N+7.) OR create your own constraint. Give us wordplay that leaps off the page and will haunt the reader.  DEADLINE: August 15th.


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